Giant wall of tough tubes for a stage set
Today's Paper Tube
The design possibilities that exist using Paper Tubes are really quite
staggering. Inexpensive, recyclable materials used to create sturdy,
functional structures. Today we are seeing larger scale and scope of
projects, including temporary shelters and interior spaces. From these
projects we see that the Paper Tube can succeed in design.

Despite common thoughts, the structural integrity of paper tubes is very
high and, in some cases, comparable or better than most standard
building materials. It is possible for well designed paper tubes to hold
several tons of weight. It is now being discovered worldwide that paper
tubes can be easier and more efficient material to design with.

The idea of using paper tubes in building designs has emerged, and this
idea must be credited to the famous "paper architect" Shigeru Ban. Ban
who has constructed paper tubes into emergency shelters, exhibits and
stage sets has been able to embody what we have named the Tuff Tube.
Ban's use of the Paper Tube has placed us in awe, his designs and
sculptures really make the tubes not only wonderful structures but works
of art.
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