The patent for the first helically wound paper tube.
Like most people you probably have not. However you would be amazed at
how the tube sits silently in the background supporting so many products for
so many industries. The most obvious is your paper towel and we know that
works great. Your deck is supported by concrete footings that are poured
into Paper Tubes. You have
tape, labels, wrapping paper, Ajax, aluminum
foil, baby formula, baking powder,
coin banks, salt, and pepper. This list of
uses for the paper tube could go on and on.

We think you may find it quite interesting to know that the Paper Tube has a
very strong presence in American history. As the web designers were
researching and creating the content for this web site, this question arose.

                    What is the history of the Paper Tube?

After extensive research it was amazing to discover that Ridgid PaperTube
Corporation actually plays a vital role in this story, maintaining a very
important connection to the history of the paper tube.

We hope you enjoy this interesting look into the history of the paper tube.
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Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison
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Did you ever wonder where the paper tube came from?