Ridgid's Supersize "ROUNDS” with full color wraps can turn your trade
name, product label or even a product container into an oversized work
of art worthy of Andy Warhol.

Use our Supersized Round's for retail displays or product bins. They
have the look of premium tins and are strong and lightweight. Set them
on a counter or suspend them from the stores ceiling to conserve
space. Do not be surprised if the company president wants one for his
office or the lobby.

If you would like to learn more about Ridgid's Supersize Round's feel
free to contact one of our Design Team members if you have any
questions. Team members are standing by, ready to serve your needs
with creative designs and cost effective products. Contact us now at 1-
Supersize your product with Ridgid's Supersized Round's
......and turn it into an eye grabbing display.