Ridgid's "ROUNDS” are a perfect fit for your Retail Packaging needs.
With our leading edge full wrap technology we are on the forefront of
a Retail Package that will not be forgotten by your customers. Our
Round's stand out in your customers mind and the best part is they will
not have the heart to throw your company name in the garbage.

Our Packaging solution will remain long after the use of your product.
Your customers will save this package and see your Brand name and
colorful logo constantly. This simple package will provide product
recognition time and time again.

At any time while you are looking over our Retail Packaging pages, feel
free to contact one of our Design Team members if you have any
questions. Team members are standing by, ready to serve your needs
with creative designs and cost effective products. Contact us now at
Ridgid's "ROUNDS".......... "Our rounds stick around"