Ridgid Carries a full line of In Stock Mailing Tubes and Specialty Mailers. Large & Heavy Mailing Tubes, Diploma Mailers, Wedding Invitations, Self Closing/Snap and Seal,Custom Mailing Tubes.
Ridgid provides top quality cores for your application. Film Cores, Stabilizer Cores, Textile Cores, Bubble Wrap Cores, Wrapping Paper Tubes, Industrial Tubes, Dissolvable Cores, Converter Cores, Protective Cores, Tape Cores, Foil Cores, Carpet Cores, Firework Cores, Pallet Cores.
Ridgid can create any custom-sized and printed packaging. Retail Containers, Promotional Packaging, Give Away Containers, Firework Containers, Composite Containers, Architectural Containers, Crayon & Art Packaging, Telescopic Containers.
Custom Designed Containers, Acid Free Tubes, Blueprint Tubes,Moisture Barrier Tubes, Collection Cointainers, Coin Banks, Architectural Containers, Archival Storage Containers, Custom Designed Storage Containers.
At Ridgid we incorporate specific methodologies into our Tuff Tube's, providing you with superior mechanical strengths.
At Ridgid Paper Tube Corporation our goal is to provide you with quality service,
delivery and customer support. We strive to meet and exceed every expectation you
have for a packaging solution. Our products meet very strict Internal Quality Controls
prior to being used in your application.

Our Products are utilized by some of the biggest corporations in the world to the
smaller business entrepreneurs. The following are just some of the companies that
rely on Ridgid Paper Tube Corporations Products:
Nabisco, Kraft, Procter & Gamble, Exxon Mobil Corporation,
Roche Pharmaceuticals, Worldlink, Edison National Historic Site Museum,
Diabetes Research Institute, United States Post Office and many others.
At any time while you are looking over our Product pages, feel free to contact
one of our Design Team members if you have any questions. Team members
are standing by, ready to serve your needs with creative designs and cost
effective products. Contact us now at 1-888-278-7029

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