Ridgid Carries a full line of In Stock Mailing Tubes and Specialty Mailers. Large & Heavy Mailing Tubes, Self Closing/Snap and Seal,Custom Mailing Tubes.
Ridgid's design team can work with you to create any size custom packaging. Retail Containers, Promotional Packaging, Give Away Containers, Composite Containers, Architectural Containers, Crayon & Art Packaging, Telescopic Containers.
Custom Designed Containers, Acid Free Tubes, Blueprint Tubes,Moisture Barrier Tubes, Collection Cointainers, Coin Banks, Architectural Containers, Archival Storage Containers, Custom Designed Storage Containers.
For over 30 years Ridgid Paper Tube Corporation has based its
reputation on high quality service, delivery and customer support. We
provide quick delivery of in-stock and made to order
spiral wound
paper tubes to meet most any specification. Our sizes range from an
1/8 th of an inch to 24 inch inside diameter with varying wall
thicknesses, in any length.

Tuff Tubes are designed to maintain superior mechanical
strength. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction through
continuous improvement in the quality of our products, the services we
provide to our customers and the manufacturing processes we use.

We ensure that the necessary resources, training, and tools are
available to support our Internal Quality Control Policy. If you should
have any questions feel free to contact our Customer Service at
1-888-278-7029 or customerservice@ridgidpapertube.com
Ridgid provides top quality cores for your application. Film Cores, Stabilizer Cores, Textile Cores, Bubble Wrap Cores, Wrapping Paper Tubes, Industrial Tubes, Dissolvable Cores, Converter Cores, Protective Cores, Tape Cores, Foil Cores, Carpet Cores, Firework Cores, Pallet Cores.